Let go of Social Anxiety and Face Your Better Self

With the support of an AI Coach

Is Social Anxiety Holding You Back in Life?

Take charge of your life! Bring your best self to school, perform at work, and build relationships that last.

Talking to Strangers
Giving Presentations
Disagring with your Boss
Speaking up in Meetings
Making friends at Work
Authority Figures

We Developed an App for You!


Understand How Your Mind Works

Go through easy and understandable learning material about psychology & behavioural fitness.


Set Daily Challenges & Stay Committed

Reduce social anxiety & overcome your inner barriers through daily challenges & smart reflection.


Find Calm In Any Situation

Learn to relax through simple & effective breathing exercises and 
relaxation techniques.


Learn to Cope With Guided Meditations & Exercises

Professional guided audio exercises for finding your inner peace and removing mental blocks.


Chat About Anything With an AI Coach

Eden, our psychology AI assistant, is built using one of the most advanced natural language processing algorithms 
on the planet.

The Science Behind FACING IT
Process-Based Therapy

Incorporating methods from ACT, CBT, DBT, and Exposure Therapy

From a negative feedback loop:

To a positive feedback loop:

This program was developed together with world-leading psychologists with the goal to help you turn avoidance into opportunities by developing psychological flexibility and taking effective action.

What our users say?

This self-help tool excels for those dedicated to conquering social anxiety, providing a supportive environment to challenge fears effectively.
Your app helped me overcome my anxiety and improve my life.
The lessons really helped me see my negative thought patterns.
Finally learned to manage my social-anxiety at work.

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